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WizIQ Affiliate Program FAQs

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How will you promote WizIQ products?

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Join the WizIQ Affiliate program, and become part of an innovative community with a passion for using technology to transform teaching and learning

Partner with the trusted leader in e-learning space
WizIQ is an award winning Learning Management System (LMS) provider

Earn money for successful referral
You get 10% commission for each opportunity you bring to WizIQ

No joining fees
There is no joining fee. So, no upfront investment for you

Which are some popular features of WizIQ products?

WizIQ’s Learning Management System is a fully featured teaching and learning platform to train students, employees or partners through online/blended courses with features like Digital content library, Secure video streaming, Online tests. WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom is designed for delivering complete online curriculum with features like Real-time audio and video, Polling tools, Breakout rooms.

Easy setup
Just grab a link and start sharing

What is different about WizIQ?

  • One of the few in the market to offer a monthly subscription approach in full SaaS

Who will potentially gain by working as WizIQ partner?

Our affiliate partners would typically be blog or website owners covering topics related to education, e-learning, technology in education.

  • Aggressive and scalable pricing to make it cost effective for any size of business
  • Off-the-shelf integrated, with multiple 3rd party solutions
  • Fully cloud, adopts Amazon Content Distribution Network, available in 20 languages.

WizIQ’s affiliate program includes a 10% commission based on sales results coming from business opportunities identified by the affiliate, and passed on to WizIQ for commercial follow-up. Besides you will get full support of marketing team to reach your targets.

What is the benefit of being a WizIQ partner?

What is the earning potential?

It will depend on each license cost and volume of sales. To give an example, an annual combo plan of LMS & VC with 3 live classes sold at $1000 will give the partner a commission of $100 at 10% commission. You can get more idea by going through our plan and pricing page

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