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Trusted by over 200,000 teachers and 3 million students worldwide

No downloads; easy-to-use for any number of attendees!

Uses Flash technology, tabs in the whiteboard, keyboard shortcuts

WizIQ's web-based classroom solution offers a very simple user interface which lets you focus on your teaching - not the technology. The easy-to-use tools - work on any operating system, require no installation or change in the user's system or training.

Use keyboard shortcuts in the Virtual Classroom, and switch between multiple tabs of the online whiteboard. You can simply log in and launch online classroom software, invite any number of attendees, from just one student for one-on-one tutoring, to 1000 people, who want to attend your online session.

Whiteboard tools built into WizIQ to write or draw anything

One-stop-shop for all your teaching resources - drawing tool, math tool, group/ungroup objects, multiple whiteboards

Ever wish you could carry the whole world in your pocket? We can't do much about the entire world, but you can surely carry your entire classroom in your laptop anywhere you go. The online whiteboard is a 'one-stop-shop' solution for teachers and organizations. The virtual classroom software is also known as online whiteboard software, is equipped with every tool that you need to create a learning environment and to keep learners focused and interested. Browser-like multiple tabs, multilingual support in the text tool, and standard drawing tools for diagrams allow you to post leading questions on the whiteboard, write formulas with arrows and visual cues to associate the math with the pictures, and so much more.

Conduct high impact presentations

Play audio and video files instantly, play YouTube videos, control playback for all attendees

Conduct a high impact presentation by playing synchronous audio and video files in the built-in media player, sharing YouTube videos, or sharing your entire Desktop with the Virtual Classroom Software. Even a PowerPoint presentation complete with animation can be highly effective in the virtual classroom software when exploring a challenging concept. To make it easy for your students to follow, you can also share the presenter notes while you make the presentation. Students can even get simple, immediate feedback or engage the instructor by raising their virtual hands in the online classroom.

WizIQ is certainly an asset for online learning

Nellie Deutsch

Share anything from inside the Virtual Classroom

Share most commonly used file types - PDF, Word/PowerPoint/Excel documents, Video and Audio files and more

A single click is all it takes to share PowerPoint Presentations, PDFs, Whiteboards, Videos from YouTube, or your entire desktop with remote attendees from right inside the online classroom software. You can upload content before the class or on-the-fly during the class. Pass control to attendees so they can share their desktops or annotate yours. It's the perfect solution when you need to switch between different sharing modes without transitions or distractions. Files simply live in the cloud.

Records everything while transforming learning!

Records the class as it happens, including presenters’ audio and video inputs; multiple whiteboards too

WizIQ can record your entire class or training sessions for later reference, demonstration, or asynchronous learning. The recordings can be viewed online or downloaded and distributed to the students. The best part is that the recording captures everything that happens in the class including the presenters’ audio and video inputs. Even better, you get a weekly report about who viewed or downloaded the recordings.

Automatic notifications and attendance reporting

Automatic e-mail reminders and attendance report after the class

Just enter the e-mail addresses of students who you want to invite and let WizIQ do the rest. WizIQ sends email invitations with a link to the class. Two hours before the class, WizIQ sends them reminders via e-mail. Teachers can check the attendance report and share the recording with those who couldn't attend.

WizIQ wins jury-award for 'Best Virtual Classroom Provider in the Global e-Learning Awards 2012 organized by the World Education Congress (WEC).

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I love WizIQ. It has enhanced my teaching abilities in a virtual classroom and my students love it.

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Shelly Blake Plock

6 Reasons to Try WizIQ for Online Teaching

Very smooth interface, I'm impressed.

Shelly Blake Plock

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